Gunilla Persson has had a long career as a Ford / Elite Model.

She is a SAG / AFTRA Actress and has studied with Stella Adler in New York for three years.

Graduated from the University of Stockholm with two degrees in Spanish, and with a degrees in Journalism from the Journalist School of Stockholm, Sweden.

Fluent in Swedish, English, French and Spanish.

Made her own short film with world famous Cinematographer Sven Nykvist entitled “Translucent”.

Written three original feature length screenplays: “Hidden Agendas”, “Translucent” and “Amazingly Blessed”.

Her documentaries include “Discovery Island” - a historical 30 minute film about where Christopher Columbus landed in the New World. 

And “Keeping The Legend Alive” an intimate portrait of renowned movie star Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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